Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 24th June 2023: Kauvery Hospital Alwarpet, one of the leading multi- specialty healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu, proudly announces the launch of the Kauvery Institute of Robotic Surgeries. The launch also marks the first-ever Robotic Surgery Program for Kidney Transplant in the state. This groundbreaking initiative will revolutionize surgical treatments by leveraging cutting-edge robotic technology.

The Kauvery Institute of Robotic Surgeries will bring together surgeons highly skilled and experienced in robotic surgeries in the field of Gastro Enterology, Hepato- Pancreato-Biliary Surgery, Urology, Oncology, Cardio Thoracic Surgery and in transplant, particularly Kidney Transplantation and Live Liver Donor operations, dedicated to providing the most precise, minimal access and sophisticated surgical care.

At the heart of this innovative program lies the da Vinci, a fourth-generation Robotic System renowned for its exceptional precision and 3D vision technology. This advanced system empowers surgeons with the ability to visualize the most intricate vessels and tissues with unparalleled clarity. Furthermore, the robotic arms are designed to access anatomical regions that may pose challenges for human arms, ensuring comprehensive and better surgical outcomes. The system pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci (AD 1452-1519), an Italian polymath who was an innovative scientist, engineer, painter, sculptor, and architect.

“Embracing robotic technology in our surgical practices is a revolution for achieving excellent outcomes in complex surgeries. With the Kauvery Institute of Robotic Surgeries, we can achieve unprecedented precision and visualization, with high-definition cameras. The robotic arms have increased degree of movements as compared to human arms. This enables precise and safe surgery even under the most challenging circumstances. Robotic surgeries offer numerous advantages over traditional approaches, such as less pain, no scars, reduced hospital stays, quicker recovery and return to normalcy in a few days. The technology is also used in Live donor liver surgeries, and in fact we are the only center in Tamil Nadu to provide Robotic Kidney Transplantation.,” says Dr. Swaminadhan Sambandam, Lead- Multi Organ Transplant Kauvery Group of Hospitals.

“Research and development in the field of Robotic Surgeries have immensely grown in the last decade. It is sure to revolutionize surgical treatments. However, the right expertise to perform robotic surgeries is essential, and we are pleased to have such highly skilled surgeons who can make use of advanced technology to provide better outcomes. With the introduction of our Robotic Surgery Program, we also to offer cutting-edge surgical solutions at an affordable cost, ensuring that advanced medical technologies are accessible to a wider population, which reflects our mission statement – great healthcare at affordable cost.,” says Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co Founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital.